Bragg Creek UAV Panorama

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For a unique perspective of our hamlet, here is a 360 degree aerial panorama we took from our UAV or ‘drone’ on May 20, 2015.  Click on the far right icon at the bottom of the image for a full screen view.

Note:  Updated with a new higher altitude image taken May 22.


Hardisty Tank Farm



The Hardisty Tank Farm photographed from a UAV or drone.  We were  5 nautical miles from the Hardisty airport so our flight required a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) to be issued to alert pilots we were working in the area.

Cochrane, AB



Flying out to a site north of Calgary, we captured this nice early spring view of Cochrane with the Bow River in the foreground, the foothills and Rocky Mountains in the background.  Small as it is, the train adds a nice bit of colour to the scene.

Proposed New Calgary Arena Site


When I read the proposed new home of the Flames was planned for the GSL site west of the city centre, I searched through my files to see what aerial photos I had of the area.  Not a lot, but I found a couple to stitch together for this wide view and I outlined the GSL site in red.

Quirk Creek Gas Plant


This is a UAV or Drone photo we did recently of the Quirk Creek Gas Plant with a nice view of the Rockies in the background.  Just south of Millarville, AB


Downtown City of Calgary taken October 9, 2013

Bragg Creek Vertical

Click anywhere in the above photo to open a new window with a zoomable high resolution photo of the Hamlet of Bragg Creek taken from directly above on June 28, 2013, one week after the Elbow River flooding.